Tuesday, January 11, 2011

+++NO WITCH++++

Here is the 1st batch of tour dates...

11th- Tacoma @ New Frontier w/ Whalebones
12th- Olympia @ Northern w/ Whalebones
22nd- Seattle @ Easy Street Records RECORD RELEASE 7pm

MAR. (All shows with Lia Ices)
10th- San Francisco @ Great American Music Hall w/ TOLSATD
11th- Brookdale @ Historic Brookdale Lodge w/TOLSATD
13th- Visalia @ The Cellar Door w/TOLSATD
14th-Los Angeles @ Heritage Court at The Autry
15th- San Diego @ Casbah w/TOLSATD
23rd- Atlanta @ The Earl
31st- Brooklyn @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

1st- Philadelphia @ Johnny Brenda's
3rd- Allston @ Brighton Music Hall
4th- Buffalo @ Mohawk Place
5th- Toronto @ The Drake Hotel
7th- Chicago @ Lincoln Hall
8th- Bloomington @ Russian Recording Room
9th- Louisville @ Zanzabar
15th- Denver @ Larimer Lounge
16th- Salt Lake City @ Kilby Court
21st- Vancouver @ The Biltmore Cabaret
22nd- Portland @ Doug Fir
23rd- Seattle @ The Showbox


Blogger KF said...

finally! my prayers have been answered.. music hall of williamsburg is great space.. please play "new monuments", !!! thanks

11:46 AM  
Blogger Eli said...

Gosh - I've been debating whether or not to leave this comment because it's gonna sound gushy, but i stumbled across this blog because i'm reviewing 'No Witch'...and I just wanted to compliment Pete, basically. I like his voice and have been listening to the cave singers for a while, but had no idea what you guys looked like till last weekend. Not that that matters when it comes to music, but, easily distracted from doing from what i should have been doing, i ran through the pictures like a total loser and can ultimately surmise in a way that i never, ever usually would based on internets evidence, that Pete looks like one of the happiest, loveliest and most-comfortable-with-himself human beings i've seen in a while. I would NEVER usually be so uncool as to say something, but fuck it, i'm impressed. That dude's spirit shines out - and it's gorgeous.

and it's nice to be complimented - even by a stranger, so maybe pass the message on...and also aside from that, keep up the beautiful guitar work yo!
E x

4:45 PM  
Blogger Amrish Singh said...

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2:30 AM  
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